Attitudes About Race

One does not have to look hard to find negative stereotypes (or even “positive stereotypes”) of various racial/ethnic groups in movies,sportspoliticscomedytoysadvertisementscostumes and products.

Despite slow gains in interracial marriageAmericans are more comfortable with outmarriages to Whites, than to Asians, Hispanics, and especially Blacks. Several studies have also found that “children of all races tend to view lighter-skinned dolls or images more positively (prettier, smarter, more desirable as a classmate) than darker-skinned ones, and to believe that adults do so as well.”(For more information on children’s perceptions of race click here.)

When asked to explain racial inequalitywhites are more likely to cite lack of motivation as the reason minorities still have worse outcomes. By definition, this explanation is prejudiced because it adheres to the idea that a particular racial group is more likely to exhibit a given characteristic (lack of ability, lack of motivation, etc. ) that contributes to its disadvantage.

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